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About  The It’s All You Campaign

Your support and action matters.


The “It’s All You” campaign serves as a reminder that recyclables are a part of every day life and that recycling is easy and important.

Surveys show that nearly everyone wants to recycle, but we know that many people don’t know what to recycle and that many programs lack the resources to create outreach to inform residents. We know that together, we can change that.

Coca-Cola, Target, and other Recycling Partnership funders are committed to improved recycling across the US. We need your help.

Unnecessary waste threatens our nation’s future

In the US, every year 22 million tons of household recyclables go to landfills, become litter, and pollute our waters.

While packaging plays a key role in keeping products safe and transportable, it too often is discarded when it could be used again. Recycling protects resources from depletion, allows communities to manage the amount of trash they have to handle, protects the environment by saving water and greenhouse gases. In America our capture rate of household recycables is about 50 percent. Those recyclables that escape translate to $1.8 billion lost in addition to the wasted water, and energy.

Most Americans don’t realize how much recyclables they throw out when they could be recycled.

New PSAs remind Americans “It’s All You” by highlighting the many ways that paper and packaging are a part of life and the loss of resources when it goes unrecycled. The campaign features tips to recycle right and easy ways to pledge and share support.

We have all the right tools, maybe we can Help Your Community

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The Recycling Partnership, a committed nonprofit, provides grants, tools and data for communities and companies all across the US. With the support of responsible individuals, governments, businesses, and the media – we are making an impact.

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IT’S ALL YOU is a national initiative that seeks to raise the public consciousness about recycling.



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The easiest and most effective way to spread the word is by sharing this page with a friend.

Spread the Word!

The easiest and most effective way to spread the word is by sharing this page with a friend.